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How will an eagle soar?
When it awaits the north wind to pillar
Mount in space with conserving wings
To arrive its predestined venue.
Patience is a virtue.

How will the lion prey and feed?
When it ambushes the meat of the field
Sprint beyond measures with muscular limbs
To prey living being for well being.
Wisdom the principal thing.

How will the ant shelter?
When it digs deep beyond limiting fetter
Together they pick soil particles to gather
To attain food,welfare and probably water.
Forseeing is an intellectual banner for answer.

How will i breed ideas from patient incubation?
When i sit tight for utopia imagination
Focus in tranquility and poetic collation
To poetic rhymes and stunning observation.
Talent is tautologically a marvelous wonder.

David Oyewole.


About Modesty

Gender: male industry: publishing location : Abuja
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