Conceived of concept

Matters with visage of originality
Roots in origin that began imaginary
Ingenuity, daughter of concepts
Profess the genuineness of made genius
Because none is bigger than small
Details are the alpha of success
Omega brings proper inventions
Little men get, results from little unity
Only men born with the power of nails
Souls born naturally by nature
Knows concept is an open solution

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Gravely and slavery

Toiling so hard
For others to sift their part
Is gravely
Gravely like hunger

Studying to exceed limit
For sadist to strike limit
Is gravely
Gravely like failure

Having merry to the full
Drinking till the belly let loose
Is slavery
Slavery to pleasure

Loot by looting kings
Stealing from the king
Is slavery
Slavery to greed

If intellectual property
Is starved of royalty
It’s slavery
Slavery to civilisation

If we must be slaves
Till men be graves
Slavery to positive morality

However the morality of whore’s and doctors
Is a bit confusing metaphor

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A man lives one life
Wealth lends him a better chance
But never two lifes
A man plus wealth makes a man still
A man eats and return hungry
A man cries and become happy
From slaps to affirmative pats
The more civilized a man
He is given to lost control
Sinking ships and floating ferry
Rusted metals to shiny polymers
Makes life an approximation of highs and lows.

The summary of living
Makes a bar magnet between two poles
While all are swayed by instinct of purpose
And our power of will rules attractions
The table of passion defines yours

Without doubts
The favor of living
Is a negligible decimal
Men has thought to be whole numbers.

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Keep left

Everyone has a turning point
Sometimes like pivot joint
When things come to a halt
Rough and smooth roads
That seldom reflect our goals
But just one unique road
holds the plenty gold
This is the table of purpose rush
Where achieving big is a mans crush
And with some terrifying loss
There is still one way to run
Which people turn their backs on
Embracing dark spells and doom
There is a rugged route
A well deepened root
When on right with steering to swerve
Just remember to keep left
Not too slow too pass the test
Life’s about DEADLINES

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Get the best.

How will an eagle soar?
When it awaits the north wind to pillar
Mount in space with conserving wings
To arrive its predestined venue.
Patience is a virtue.

How will the lion prey and feed?
When it ambushes the meat of the field
Sprint beyond measures with muscular limbs
To prey living being for well being.
Wisdom the principal thing.

How will the ant shelter?
When it digs deep beyond limiting fetter
Together they pick soil particles to gather
To attain food,welfare and probably water.
Forseeing is an intellectual banner for answer.

How will i breed ideas from patient incubation?
When i sit tight for utopia imagination
Focus in tranquility and poetic collation
To poetic rhymes and stunning observation.
Talent is tautologically a marvelous wonder.

David Oyewole.

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What is your purpose? First note.

Now, have you ever felt unmotivated, unsure of what you want, goal-less, aimless and the song of uncertainty plays deep down your heart?
Have you ever thought to the extent of asking the trees, which direction should i take knowing fully well that trees don’t talk or rather you can’t understand the tree’s language?, then and there at that moment, the word PURPOSE came on.

As i pondered there and still at that moment about the word PURPOSE, a little voice struggling to be heard said to me, the word PURPOSE came because there was a specific purpose meaning a PURPOSE was created for a PURPOSE.

According to the great Martin luther king jr,he said ” i had a dream” and without no fear of contradiction, he gladly opened it to millions of people in the world knowing fully well, the dream was for a purpose and that purpose was achieved¬† and even till date,he is still remembered for that.
What is your PURPOSE?
Do you have one?
Is it from God,the most high?
Will it be fulfilled?

It is a pity that this newly born generation are fully carried away by what they see and generally by the things of the world. Some would say, yes, i can sing because my friend sings and some would also say, i can dance because that guy dances. They become so blind to the extent that they think everybody has the same purpose not knowing that different people has different destiny which works accordingly to God’s particular purpose.

I heard a man shouting at his son.
Son! Son!! he said, i’m a pilot and so you must own an airport, he forgot although destiny can be created but once God’s purpose doesn’t suit your destiny,he changes it.
Has God spoken to you about his purpose for you?
What is your PURPOSE?

In his heart, he said,” i have a purpose for you and the purpose is of good just like a particular software created to solve a particular and specified problem.

God owns your PURPOSE.

Discover it,

It is waiting, go get it IMMEDIATELY.

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